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Quality Programming helps small businesses across the United States plan, construct, promote and maintain their company web sites. Use the jump links below or simply scroll down the page to learn more about the services we provide.

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Site Ignite

It sounds easy. Register a domain name. Find a host for your site. Upload your pages. It can be that easy, but for those of you familiar with the process the hard way, there is a particular procedure to follow to make sure you're up and running in days, not weeks.

Use the domain name search feature at this site to make sure the name you want is available. Then sign up for SiteIgnite - the fast track to establishing your new web site.

Site Hosting

Welcome to Hiway Technologies! Quality Programming number one choice for web hosting. With Quality Programming web expertise and Hiway's superior service, you can be sure of one thing - a rock-solid internet site.

Hiway is the worldwide leader in web hosting with nearly 100,000 domain accounts in 127 countries. Hiway specializes in providing the most reliable systems, featuring Silicon Graphics servers and multiple T3 connections to the internet.

Site Building

Our specialty. We cannot emphasize enough the term "site builders", because it takes much more than a good looking web page to make your site produce results for your company. It takes careful planning to create the perfect blueprint, a firm understanding at the beginning of your objectives for the site, followed by seamless implementation.

We work very closely with each one of our clients at every stage of the process. Your Quality Programming experience can be as interactive as you desire. Participate in the development of your site as if we were working on location - monitor its progress in the restricted client services area of our web site until it's complete.

Electronic Commerce

Quality Programming offers the greatest flexibility in web site commerce solutions, each one customizable to the requirements of your online business goals. Whether you have one web page and one product to sell or a catalog of merchandise, or you wish to accept payment for services, you can securely process credit card and/or check orders online through any of our commerce-enabled packages.

Even if you're not quite ready for internet payment processing, we can help you design and implement alternative methods which are often just as effective at enticing your clients and customers to order products and services at your company's web site.

Site Promote

Equally as important to having a well designed, attractive web site is promoting it. The promotion process of your site begins before you put the first word of content on paper. Quality Programming will not just design, but search engine design your site to greatly improve the ranking your page receives when your keywords are typed in at the major search engines and directories.

All Quality Programming-built sites come search engine ready with SitePromote I - a thorough keyword preparation of your web site and submission to the top search engines and Yahoo. The next step is SitePromote II, a four month follow-up to SitePromote I, in which we analyze how visitors have been coming to your site and tune your site based on actual keywords used. Quality Programming also provides search engine tune-ups for existing web sites.

The QP Resource Center lists the site promotion services which we recommend for listing your site on the hundreds of other directories and search engines. Plus, you'll find additional resources for attracting visitors to your web site.

Site Management

Let Quality Programming keep your site moving - with regular content updates, image changes, or a complete makeover. If you have pages in need of frequent updating and wish to make the changes yourself - we can show you how and design your site to make the process as effortless as possible. Beyond content, your site will need regular check-ups for dated information, dead links, and corrupted files.

Monitoring site access and search engine placement will play a major role in how your web site evolves. Knowing exactly which pages people visit and the links they clicked to get there is vital information you'll need to adapt your site to visitor demands. Quality Programming can assist you in effectively redesigning your pages to reflect the actual usage of your site, and most importantly, to increase traffic.

Be sure to check out the QP Resource Center for the tools we recommend for total site management.

QP Resource Center

Everyone has been through it - looking for a particular resource on the web to accomplish the task at hand. Which product? Which service? Who do I trust? We've been through quite a few products, bought a number of products several times to get to the same desired end result. We listen to recommendations from clients, we evaluate new products and services continuously, we surf through technical support channels to see which products and services have the least trouble, and we listen to what our industry peers have to say.

The result is the QP Resource Center - our collection of the best web-enabling and enhancement products. Please let us know what you think about these or other products and services not listed!

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