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Let Quality Programming keep your site moving - with regular content updates, image changes, or a complete makeover. If you have pages in need of frequent updating and wish to make the changes yourself - we can show you how and design your site to make the process as effortless as possible. Beyond content, your site will need regular check-ups for dated information, dead links, and corrupted files.

Monitoring site access and search engine placement will play a major role in how your web site evolves. Knowing exactly which pages people visit and the links they clicked to get there is vital information you'll need to adapt your site to visitor demands. Quality Programming can assist you in effectively redesigning your pages to reflect the actual usage of your site.

Quality Programming Resources

Below are just a few of the resources we use and recommend for complete site management. Please contact Quality Programming for more details on how we can help your site keep pace with the internet.

Position Agent

Are your search engine and directory listings paying off? Chances are, a significant amount of your Web site traffic comes from the popular directories and search engines. In order to achieve maximum results and drive the most traffic from your search engine listings you need to constantly monitor your position.

PositionAgent monitors where web sites rank on the top 10 search engines for selected keywords and reports all listings. The service is used to improve traffic to a web site by monitoring and helping to optimize search engine listings.

Free Trial: Instantly check your Web site ranking on the top ten search engines.

Web Trends

Award-winning WebTrends Log Analyzer v4.1a is the fastest most powerfull real-time Web server traffic analyzer available today. It produces timely reports enabling users to fine-tune an Internet or Intranet Web site for the greatest possible return.

WebTrends is an essential tool for the Server Administrator, WebMaster and the Sales and Marketing Managers in your organization.

Reports generated by WebTrends include statistical information as well as colorful graphs that show trends, usage, market share and much more. Reports can be generated as HTML files that can be viewed by any browser on your local system or remotely from anywhere on the Internet with any browser. You can also create the reports in Microsoft Word, Excel, Text and Comma Delimited formats.

Web Trends Report Sample

Web Patrol

WebPatrol is a state-of-the art system designed to ensure that your web site is visible all day, every day. WebPatrol visits your web site every 5 to 60 minutes, depending on account type, and checks for a pre-defined keyword in your HTML, such as "Acme", or "Widgets". If your web site is unreachable, returns an error message, or does not return your pre-specified keyword, WebPatrol can be configured to: send email messages or send numeric or alphanumeric pages.

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